Konstantin Zlatev is a San Francisco based industrial designer who received his training at the California College of the Arts. Currently his main focus is in utilizing industrial scrap and surplus technology to create functional light sculptures and robotic art installations.

Fork Ahead is a collection of work featuring some older pieces where industrial components are used to portray inspiring memories of natural landscapes, as well as more recent robotic sculptures.

The word 'robotics' is often justifiably cast in a negative light, given that our government spends billions each year on researching and developing unmanned war machines and robotic soldiers. However, rather than cast the technology in a negative light, Konstantin believes that we should view it simply as a tool at our disposal and make deliberate choices about its utilization. This exhibition speaks to these choices faced by us collectively and is also symbolic of the choices he faces at this juncture in his career. We have amassed the knowledge and the technology. We can now continue investing billions of tax dollars in robotic war craft and essentially destructive applications or we can utilize the same tools and technology in pursuit of art, healing and sustainable design. The choice is ours.

There is a Fork Ahead.

Opening reception:
Friday, Dec 02, 2011    6-9pm

On view:
Saturday, Dec 03, 2011    4-8pm
Sunday,     Dec 04, 2011    4-8pm

The De Jong Warehouse
44 Woodward Street
San Francisco, CA 94103